Having a Party?... Need wine?... What should I buy?

When having a party, one of the first things that people think about is food and alcohol..."how much wine should I buy?"  When you have a party it's best to come up with a budget for how much it is that you are willing to spend on the wine. 

We have come up with an idea for people who would like the case pricing, without paying for the shipping, and have the convenience of delivery! "Mixed Cases" is our latest adjustment... It's a lot of extra work on our end, but we think that it is a great solution for those of you who love wine and really want to experience multiple bottles, and save money!

If you want to order a case, here is how it works: You can pick 3-4 bottles of your choice, and we will send you 3-4 bottles of each wine that you choose. It's free shipping over $99, and it's a great idea to have the extra bottles for the next dinner, or party or birthday that you may attend.

Happy Wine Wednesday!


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