About Us

winebee.co online wine shop about us page where we explain our history and mission in the wine business

At winebee.net we have been in the wine business for over 30 years. We are a team of wine professionals originally from Italy but we have been based in California since the late 90s.

Our main activity has always been wine importing and wholesale distribution. With winebee.net we are trying to bridge the gap between the wholesale and retail side of the wine business.

About 70% of our wines are directly imported into the United States by our sister company and are restaurant-grade products from small, family-owned wineries, located for the most part in Italy.

Since we are cutting the middle-man, we are able to offer boutique products at a fraction of the retail price at any of the several boutique wine shops in Southern California.

At winebee.net we run our operation like a mom and pop store where attention to details and care for our customers is of utmost importance. Although we are not open to the public, you can always contact us directly with your inquiry.