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Grotta delle Janare

Grotta delle Janare - Greco 2015

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VALLEY BACKGROUND: Greco grape originates from Greece, and it comes from vigorous vines, which are controlled in order to produce only the right amount of grapes. The cluster is small-medium and very compact, with a yellowish-grayish color peel characterized by dark punctuation. It is a late-aging cultivar. The Vineyards from which the grapes come from are located in Sannio Beneventano.

TASTING NOTES & FOOD PAIRING SUGGESTIONS: A straw yellow color with golden reflections is the first impression we can obtain from this fantastic wine. Wine of noble history, with its delicate and harmonious flavor and with a scent of ripe fruit with floral notes. Best served with fish, sea salads, and soups.


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